Two new song demos

Trying to keep the gears turning. This one’s brand new:

And this one’s a straight-up love song:


What is the explanation
How did we get to this place
There’s been a complication
The road is gone without a trace
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (4x)
You say you got a theory
I got a couple of my own
Nobody’s really sure but clearly
Somebody somewhere should have known
We’re trapped inside a centrifuge
Slowly being flung apart
By accident or did we choose
This separation into parts
I don’t know… oh oh oh
Don’t need an explanation
To see the shadow on the land
We can’t continue on this way
Divided houses cannot stand
The center did not hold
And I don’t wanna grow old
In this centrifuge

The Heart of It

When the day has run aground
And troubles try to drag me down
I just want to fall down on the floor
But you lay your head upon my chest
And put my weary mind to rest
I find my peace inside a love so sure
You’re at the heart of it for me
You’re at the heart of it for me
Every road it leads to you
All the rivers too
Because I know you’re at the heart of it for me
In these times full of dismay
Sometimes it’s hard to make my way
So many lies and so much suffering around
But in one thing I have no doubt
One truth that I just have to shout
Ring the bells and make a joyful sound
I dreamed of a mountain rising from the sea
So strong and yet so wild and free
That’s what you are to me
No place I’d rather be