New song: Spark!

Spark (July 2017)

It doesn’t take much to set me off these days
Everywhere I look I see a storm cloud
Can’t stop myself from wondering if it’s all just gonna wash out
And if so then how do I explain
The distance in between the world you know
And the altogether different place you have to go

The spark in your eyes is the light of a star
Bringing whole new worlds to life
The words that you say are treasures from afar
With magic burning deep inside

So maybe it’s not time tonight
To cast that shadow on your sight
Do I even have the right (no)
Keep your fire burning bright

There’s really not much that we can do from here
Padlock on the door to the control room
The hands that hold the keys are the last ones you would want to
As we walk together through the years
I try to show you how to be a good man
But I don’t know how to break the news that usually we don’t win